Domestic Discipline.

The Art and Emotion of Spanking.


My little sister did something so awful this week that she deserved a belt spanking. But it would’ve been three times as severe as this one.

(FYI: when I refer to “little sister”, I’m not referring to my biological sister, but to a certain tumblr user who shall remain nameless until she tells me she’s okay with being outed. She’s a lovely young woman who has issues with behavior and motivation, and who I’m helping along by disciplining her sternly and severely. I’ve taken on the “big brother” role in her life. It’s completely non-sexual, but still fulfilling because I can help her achieve her goals. And she treats me MUCH better than my biological little sister ever did.)

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    There’s just something about the belt.
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    I was home from college and was told i was in charge. I didnt think much of it until i came home and found my stepsister...
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    Teen Brandi belted to tears.
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